RPE Training

Basic RPE Training – Prior to Face Fit Testing

This is highly recommended for the first time user, as it is very important how the wearer Donns/Doffs the RPE.

They must have knowledge of this before their Face Fit.

Fitting the RPE incorrectly can lead to failure of the test and may cause exposure to contaminated air whilst being used.

We offer Basic course in Donning/Doffing and Pre-Use Checks of the RPE before the candidates perform their Fit Test.

Basic Training Session lasts 1 hour approximately for up to 8 candidates.

We recommend that candidates undertake a full RPE training course.

RPE Training

This course is to give a good understanding of RPE for the first time user. It is very important that the selected mask the wearer is using performs correctly and does not expose them to any breathable hazards. This can be caused by incorrect Donning/Doffing or not performing the Pre-use checks. From FFP’s (Disposables) up to Full Face Masks, our session covers the following procedures in depth depending on the type of RPE being used.

We deliver a powerpoint and practical demonstration explaining the Regulations including; checking the mask before Donning, types of filters, maintenance, storage, checks whilst wearing the mask correct doffing of the RPE and most importantly practicing CORRECT FITTING. This can be the biggest cause of failure, leading to exposure to the wearer.

Each candidate will receive a certificate showing that they have completed the course. Ideally this course should be taken before a Face Fit is performed. RPE Training Session lasts 3 – 4 Hours for up to 8 candidates.

RPE Maintenance Competent person

This is more advanced course for Half and Full face RPE only, aimed at supervisors or competent employees selected by their employer.

The candidates will be trained to record, check and maintain employees RPE as this is required by Law. The candidates should have a good knowledge of Donning/Doffing and Pre-Use checks of RPE before attending the course.

We deliver a powerpoint and a practical demonstration explaining the responsibilities and duties of a competent person, the law and Regulators they must follow, recording and reading checklists, maintenance, types of RPE, types of filters, misuse of RPE, correct Pre-Use checks are being carried out by the wearers, and awareness of Assigned ProtectionFactors.

Each candidate will receive a certificate showing that they have completed the course.

Competent Person Training Session lasts 3 – 4 Hours for up to 8 candidates.

Qualitative Fit Test Training

(In house only. You will not be Fit2Fit Accredited)

We offer this course for companies who may want to offer Fit Testing in house to their employees carried out by their own Health and Safety or appointed personnel. You will be trained to a HSE Fit Tester level, complying with all HSE standards and Regulations (Not Fit2Fit accredited).

Each candidate must have good knowledge and experience with RPE to the competent Person standard. We deliver a Powerpoint and Practical demonstration informing the candidates of; the Regulations they must abide by, Fit testers responsibilities, different types of RPE, filters, record keeping, Assigned Protection Factors, problems which may occur during testing, knowledge of how a Fit Test works, how the Fit Test kit works and how to perform a Fit Test. The candidate must take a theory test and perform a good practical demonstration of a Fit Test at the end of the course.

Each candidate will receive a certificate showing that they have successfully completed the course to do Fit Testing to HSE standard (Not Fit2Fit accredited).

Qualitative Fit Test Training Session lasts 4 – 5 Hours for up to 6 candidates.

Please contact us if you need a quote or any more information on the above training and refresher courses.

We have 20 years of experience in Face Fitting, RPE Servicing and Hazardous Environment (Asbestos). We are Fully Fit2Fit Accredited. If you have any questions, we will try to help advise to the best of our abilities or point you in the right direction, so you can obtain the solution.

We are fully accredited in Fit testing. Our aim is to offer a friendly, professional service and our customers to be safe…

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