The organisation was established to help make a difference in dealing with the global asbestos problem by providing a service to anyone needing help and assistance in a range of asbestos related services.

It was founded in 2009 by Chris Bishop who has a wide experience of the asbestos industry from the analytical, managing and removal.

Starting out as Quality & Compliance Manager for a leading asbestos consultancy, Chris then spent a period working as Training Manager for a trade association developing courses and ensuring training was delivered to the highest standards. He then worked for one of the UK’s leading asbestos remediation companies where he developed an internal training and assessment programme for Licensed Asbestos personnel, and delivered external training to a wide range of clients. 

AT&C (Asbestos Training and Consultancy) Ltd has a wealth of expertise in a framework of asbestos professionals based around the UK who have proven success in delivering full and comprehensive solutions to a wide range of clients and sectors throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our philosophy is simple; offer the service and support the client needs, when and where it is needed, at a cost-effective rate.

We are not a multi-disciplined Health and Safety generalist; – we are an independent specialist in asbestos-related matters who recognise that the best way of working with our clients is on a personal level, and so working as a partnership we can achieve desired results and shared values.

Licensed Asbestos training (often known as Cat C) is aimed at those persons who work with asbestos, and that work requires an HSE License as defined within the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 and supporting Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L143: Managing and Working with Asbestos. These include Licensed Asbestos Removal Companies (LARC’s), Licensed Scaffolding companies and Licensed Maintenance companies.

All require entry-level training, and the ACoP L143 is clear in stating that refresher training is required every year or more frequently when identified gaps incompetency are identified, the type of control measure equipment used is changed, whenever the work methods change or at least annually.

For Asbestos removal companies, there are three distinct levels of training: Operative, Supervisor, Manager. All have different requirements, so AT&C Ltd works closely with the company to determine the appropriate training needs by reviewing past and present operational performance and future needs. This is known as a training needs analysis (TNA) and benefits all by not wasting time and efforts on delivering repeats of basic core skills and knowledge, but focusing on those elements that will aid to develop both the individual, the company and ultimately the sector.

AT&C Ltd can help companies undertake a TNA and so design, engineer and deliver a bespoke training programme for their staff on an ‘in-house’ basis. We also offer ‘open’ courses for those where ‘in-house’ training is not an option.

For all asbestos-related training and consultations

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