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Qualitative Training Course, Train the Tester

Courses last 4 to 5 hours, held in Basildon.

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This course covers all aspects of the health and safety executive’s face fitting guidance and protocols and will be delivered by a fit2fit accredited face fitter. This course does not award delegates the Fit2Fit accreditation upon completion; no training course can do that. The only way to gain accreditation is to sit and pass the BSIF Fit2Fit exam.

  • Regulations and Guidance
  • The Purpose and Applicability of Fit Testing
  • Procedures for Selection of Adequate and Suitable RPE
  • Fit Factors and Protection Factors
  • Examination Procedures for RPE,
  • Identification of Maintenance Problems
  • Correct Donning Procedures and Pre-Use Fit Checks
  • Qualitative Face-Fit Testing
  • Diagnostic Checks on Equipment
  • Correct Fit Testing Procedures, Purpose of the Fit Testing Exercises
  • Problem Solving
  • Capabilities and Limitations of the Fit Testing Equipment
  • Interpretation of Results

Open Qualitative Course Basildon 2021

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All Courses are Qualitative at the moment, have a start time of 9 am, lunch and refreshments are provided.

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